Outdoorsmans Palisade 90 Pack System

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The all new Palisade 90. A next-generation Outdoorsmans backpack.

  • 100% 500 Denier Cordura
  • 5,500 cubic inches
  • Large unpartitioned main pouch
  • Easy access side pockets (straps no longer interfere with pockets)
  • Bag separates from frame - allowing better load distribution
  • Includes removable All Purpose Pouch (APP) for tools/tags
  • Long-Range-style padded optics pocket lid (Also fits 6 breakfast burritos)     

All Purpose Pouch (A.P.P) 

The APP (All-Purpose-Pouch) is a removable replacement for external pockets on the Outdoorsmans pack systems. Alternative names that were discussed were “Murder Kit”, "Murder Pouch", “Kill Kit” and other inappropriate options. The APP features small zippered compartments that are perfect for storing knives, tags, emergency medical supplies and any other small items. If an Outdoorsmans pack is your pickup truck, the APP is your bed-mounted toolbox.